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The Badgers Have Declared A Tory Cull

15th April 2015

Are you ready to take the ultimate stand for Badgers? Then welcome to the Tory Cull.


Conservationist Axed To Death In Zimbabwe

12th April 2015

The brutal murder of Australian conservationist Greg Gibbard, axed to death in his cottage in Hwange, Zimbabwe this week highlights the increasing danger conservationists and animal welfare activists face in Zimbabwe.


NFA Fundraising To Support Cornish Badgers

28th March 2015

The tiny chap above is called ‘Bunny’. He was found all alone at the side of the road, and would have surely been killed or starved without the actions of the wonderful Cornwall Badger Rescue.


NFA Present Anti-Rhino Horn Case to Government

25th March 2015

NFA representative, Claire Attwood, will today meet the South African government committee formed to consider a legal trade in rhino horn, to argue against their proposals.


United Elephant Appeal to Chinese President

26th February 2015

Network for Animals Founder Brian Davies has joined David Attenborough, Joanna Lumley, Ricky Gervais and animal organisations around the world, undersigning an open letter to China's president Xi Jinping, urging him to act now to save African elephants from extinction, ahead of Prince Willam’s visit next month.


UK Labour Party Make Election Commitment To Animals

18th February 2015

Network For Animals today attended the launch of the UK Labour Party pledge for animal welfare, and are pleased to see the following commitments to animal welfare if Labour are elected on May 7th 2015:

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