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South African Government to Legalise Rhino Horn Sale?

19th January 2015

Almost 15% of the rhinos in South Africa have been slaughtered since 2010, 1116 in 2014 alone, yet today the South African government are considering legalising the sale of rhino horn.


2014 Badger Cull Results Announced

18th December 2014

At close of business yesterday, Wednesday 17th December, the House Of Commons entered its annual winter recess.


50 Dogs Found Butchered In Car Raid

16th December 2014

November 29th 2014, 1:30am. After days of monitoring, a Network For Animals team spot and stop a vehicle on the Philippines highway, suspected to be part of the Dog Meat Trade. The cargo is shocking.


Zimbabwe Elephants: Latest Images / Protest / Petition

15th December 2014

Earlier in December we reported on thirty-four baby elephants, seven wild lions and ten sable antelope trapped for sale and export from Zimbabwe.


34 Baby Elephants Trapped in Zimbabwe

2nd December 2014

Thirty-four baby elephants have been ripped from their families in a Zimbabwe national park and are being held in captivity before being shipped to Chinese zoos.


Badger Poll Results / Parliamentary Debate

4th November 2014

Today at 2:30pm, London will see a cross party parliamentary debate assessing the second year of badger culling in Somerset and Gloucestershire. The previous Westminster debate on 13th March saw an overwhelming 219:1 vote against further culling, yet for six weeks this autumn gunmen aimed to kill up to 1800 badgers across the same two counties.

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